Stop the ride I want to get off: spend less and give more this Christmas #dmingml


So in the UK we spent over £85 billion last Christmas on Christmas.  That's over £1,300 per person, £3,300 per household, and £1,750 per adult on average.

I increasingly struggle with Christmas, with how it has almost nothing to do with the Advent of Jesus, and we too often spend money and time we don't have, on things we don't need to impress people we too often don't like.

I'm not a scrooge, yet I despise the relentless pull into spending, and giving of ourselves to something so….well so pagan.  And I'm not naive to want everyone to not spend and see the further collapse of the UK economy.

I've found some hope in the Advent Conspiracy.  The call to spend less, just one present less, so that we might then give more, of ourselves to others in relationship, mission and worship, and to place worship together at the centre of our Christmas experience.

How are you preparing and facing Christmas this year, or am I the only one wanting the ride to stop and to get off?