Retail Therapy: an invitation to think more about shopping and how it shapes us #andyhickford #dmingml


This new book by Andy Hickford is so good for a few key reasons:

1.  It's small and readable:  70 pages, well written by a thoughtful church leader, writing that most people in our churches could engage with.

2.  It's not a Jeremiad:  It doesn't rail against consumerism, and set out to make you feel guilty, but instead invites you to just take some time to think about shopping and consuming in relationship to Christian faith.

3.  It's based on some great research:  This is not one person's personal opinion on shopping, but is based on a survey of some extensive resources and critiques of capitalism and consumerism.  I put Andy onto many of those accounts.  He distills them so well into something that others can read and get the benefit of those sources without having to read them.