Global Missional Leadership becomes Leadership and Global Perspectives Doctor of Ministry program #dmingml #dminlgp


The D.Min program that I lead for George Fox Seminary, has changed its name from Global Missional Leadership to Leadership and Global Perspectives.

Principally because the 'missional leadership' whilst a coding and keying for people aware of 'missional leadership', too many people looking at the D.Min assumed it was a D.Min for 'missionaries'.  Also the new title better represents the focus, locus and experience of the program so far.

A program for the local church pastor to the international NGO leader, who both realise the need for a global perspective and experience in their leadership development and reflections.

As the updated web site for the program details:

Students participate in a learning experience that is bigger than the challenges that they face. Through a series of real-world experiences in a variety of global venues students engage with Christian leaders from around the world, who are making a difference. They join a network of like-minded leaders who are transforming lives, empowering communities, or engaging in social entrepreneurship as a witness to the love of Christ. They explore ministry leadership at the global and local intersections of church, world and culture with in a flexible, online learning environment. Under the supervision of an academic advisor, students pursue customized research in topics directed toward their own ministry and leadership context. This combination of dynamic learning experiences is designed to empower students to boldly lead their communities in innovative ministry for the sake of the gospel.

The following remain the key themes of the program:

*  The key technological, philosophical, cultural, political, sociological, and religious developments that are occurring worldwide
*  The key challenges and opportunities of our increasingly global context for effective Christian mission
*  The ethics, spirituality, and practice of leadership necessary for the new world that is emerging
*  How to develop Christian leaders capable of engaging in theological reflection about the complexities of the reconfigured global context and bringing their insights to bear upon their own ministry contexts and practices
Pass the word, full details are here.