Consuming Traditions: the pick and mix of East Orthodox Spirituality, Charismatics, & the New Monasticism? #dmingml


Mike Morrell as part of a blog series has said, "I’d like to see some post evangelical/charismatic engagements with East Orthodox spirituality–particularly hesychasm and the idea of theosis, or “divinization,” which I feel is a far sexier (or if that language offends you, more evocative) way of framing “sanctification” for the 21st century."

He invited a friend of mine Chris Marshall to respond, and Chris writes a probing response here.

Chris's response reminded me of a question another friend made at The Other Journal a few days ago: 

The meta-question, it seems to me, is how one can rightly use the resources of a tradition while simultaneously working to change it. It is a delicate thing, given the ways that one can so easily either fall into blind dogmatic fidelity to practices of belief or step so far outside of the tradition that critique feels like it comes from the outside looking in. Both of these have been radically tried, and it turns out that neither one is especially useful.