Baptising others: life doesn't get any better than this #dmingml


Our church community baptised four people last night.  Our baptismal service is always the highlight of my year. Some photos are here.

Hearing people talk about how they have found faith in Jesus, make public declarations of their intent to pursue Jesus and his mission with his people through the ups and downs of life, to practice death and resurrection, well it gets to me every time.  Then there is the privilege of family and friends attending, some used to religion being held away in some polite secular private closet, hearing the people they love, share their innermost identity and experience of Jesus.  

A thin space in which I think, this is a good as life gets, and taste of the one to come.  This group of wonderful people being baptised were only 3-4 years old when my wife and I planted the church. That made me think again about our hopes for planting back then, and the fruit of seeing lives engaged with Jesus and mission, and his people.

It also made me feel very, very old.