My experience of Ethiopian health care #dmingml



I was due to travel last night over night from Nairobi to Adddis Ababa.  But I found myself in the late afternoon feeling as if I had sudden onset of flu.  I took to bed and feared I would be left in Nairobi on my own trying to get access to healthcare and arrange flights home.

So at midnight my friends with me carried my bags and and I undertook to get to Ethiopia with them.  What followed was a blur of being taken around in a wheel chair and rushed through customs and immigration.

Once I arrived in Addis Ababa this morning, I felt so bad I went to the local hospital.  They confirmed I didn't have malaria, yellow fever or anything else nasty.  Seems I have accute food poisoning, most likely from not washing my hands before eating.  I won't make that mistake again. 

So an injection of something they called 'anti-pain' and some other tablets and sleep, and I am still weak but so much better.  Russ Pierson is now my hero.  Not only is he an awesome blogger, but he makes a great batman, wheeling me around, dressing me, and taking care of me.