Jamie Smith suggests a comparison between (Liberal) Skepticism vs. (Orthodox) Doubt #dmingml


In what is certainly a provactive but noneless insightful post, Jamies Smith suggests that current moves by some 'emerging christians' to embrace doubt, have missed the rich heritage of the place of doubt in faith that already exists within Christianity. 
But his biggest concern seems to be the process of how many are seeking to cut their faith down the size of their doubts, instead of a living a faith that is bigger than their doubts.
I know Jamie is very aware of Charles Taylor's 'A Secular Age'.  Taylor claims that current secularism leads us to ask one big question. "Why," asks Taylor at the outset, "was it virtually impossible not to believe in God in say, 1500 in our western society, while in 2000 many of us find this not only easy but even inescapable?"
So there is probably something within some of these current emerging streams exploring the nature of doubt, that contain something very new about doubt.  I'd like to ask Jamie, other than a replay of a liberal sentiment, is there something taking place around doubt that a la Charles Taylor?
In other words, is the current exploration and embrace of doubt not just an escape by some from their 'pietistic enclaves' as Jamie suggests.  MIght it also be an engagement with the secular environment that Taylor details?  And does the response Jamie suggests for doubt and faith hold as a resources in that secular context?