Experience globally to understand locally? #dmingml


So much going on in Nairobi, with the students on the Doctor of Ministry program I lead.  We've had input from Church leaders, NGO leaders, African professors,and  business leaders etc
I'm reminded again that the reason for our visit, within the Doctoral program, is for students to undertake a global experience to better understand their local context and situation.
I know I've been making lots of connections and find the time helpeful to reflect on my own context.You can follow along with the reflections of the students, and other faculty and myself at our main site, www.dmingml.com.
I'm currently listening to an african pastor about the transfer of the Churches in Nairobi from white leadership to indigenous leadership.  So many lessons that have parallels with church planting and new forms of church in the UK.  I'll post about that later this week.
But I just heard that with a claimed 80% christian population, that most church growth is about the 'great re-circulation' of the saints.  Of where people are moving for more excitement and enterainment.  Sounds familiar.