You can nominate who you want to hear speak at NINES online leadership #dmingml


The NINES is a totally online conference and gathering for church leaders.  You can vote on the nominated speakers, as to which you want to hear from, or make your nomination here.

Each hour, each speaker will be discussing a certain topic taken from those below.  Shame we can't nominate the speaker and the topic they take, it might make for some interesting mixes of speakers on topics you don't normally hear them speak to.

HOUR #1: My Preaching & Teaching
How I manage my teaching, what to preach and how much to preach; how I do research; how I select other preachers and teachers for the congregation; the most valuable thing I have learned recently about my preaching; advice to others in the area of teaching; where the future of preaching is going in the church, etc.
HOUR #2: My Time
How I manage my time, either professionally or personally; how I manage my energy; how my time management has changed over the years; how much time I give to the church, larger world, staff, myself; what I say ‘no’ to, etc.
HOUR #3: My Staff
How I manage and evaluate my staff; who reports to me, how I manage those people and the rest of the team; how we include volunteer staff; how my staff structure has changed over time and what I’ve learned from that, etc.
HOUR #4: My Marriage and Family
Things I do with my family to build unity and cohesion; things I do to keep my spouse a priority; things I do for my kids so they know I love them more than the church, etc.
HOUR #5: My Vision
Either personally or for the church; how often does it fit into my preaching; how I communicate my vision in other ways; how I develop vision; how do I know my vision is God’s vision for this place, etc.
HOUR #6: My Money
The ways I spent it, gather it, give it; how I help raise the resources for our church; how I teach people about money; how I model financial responsibility; how I deal with financial success, etc.
HOUR #7: My Discipling
How I choose who I will disciple; how many people are in my inner circle or spiritual mentorship; how important is my role in discipleship; talk about succession as part of the discipleship process, etc.
HOUR #8: My Gracefulness
How I deal with the ‘extra-grace-required’ people in my church; how important is it for me as a leader to be accessible; how I deal with difficult people and staff members; how I decide different levels of grace for different situations, etc.
HOUR #9: My Physical and Emotional Health
How I keep myself physically fit; what steps I take to stay on the right track emotionally; the role of mentors and/or counselors; how my physical and emotional health has changed over the years and how things I have done to adjust during different seasons of ministry and life.