The £100 wedding? #dmingml


I'm constantly amazed that in a western society where so many of us are so obsessed with freedom of expression and individualism that when it comes to weddings, everyone does exactly the same thing.  Just some of us do spending more money than others.

It seems the average wedding in the UK costs £18,500.  Most are in the range from £5k at the low and and £50k at the upper end.  The why of weddings, why so many of us culturally, psychologically and socially insist on the same wedding process at such extreme costs is an interesting phenomena.  

Rev David Newton, minister at Gildersome Baptist Church, has begun to ask and suggest, how about trying a wedding for less than £100.  

With some statistics showing that 75% of people cohabiting wanting to get marriage, but are put off by the costs, David Newton is trying to show how a wedding doesn't have to cost a fortune.

As I read David's site, full of great ideas, I did wonder how many people would follow his advice, in reproducing the traditional wedding, just more cheaply?

How unimaginative we seem, and how ingrained is the dream of a white wedding, with cars, dresses, and honeymoons in the Maldives.  It seems we need something more for our imaginations and aspirations for marriage, that allow a different imagination for a wedding.

Can Christians and Churches lead the way in that?  What might that look like?  During the credit crunch how might Christians live differently with their weddings and then their marriages?