One of the world's richest men argues for higher taxes on the Super-rich #dmingml


Jamie Smith highlighted ( this article by Warren Buffett, and notes that rather tellingly the Wall Street Journal shows no interest in the article.

You can read Warren Buffett here:

It was refreshing to hear someone so wealthy, who makes their money from money, reveal that he pays a far less % tax than those who work for a living.

With the continued economic turbulence our governments might be forced to concede that the super rich are very capable of paying more and should.

This reminded me again, that for most of history the pursuit of wealth was set against the needs of society, that wanting to be rich was not a virtue. Has the pendulum swung to far, where will we realise that there is something not vulgar, immoral and without virtue in the pursuit of endless wealth.

It might have metamorphosed into the problems we face today, but might a return to the Protestant work ethic help us? Work hard, avoid debt, and understand wealth as something to be suspicious of, with a faith that sets limits to the use of wealth. That turn might require a continued collapse in our economic order to bring about. Can Christians pursue it before it is forced upon them?