I Just passed the IAM Observers test


This last saturday I passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Observers test.  Now I am qualified to take people out for  advanced motorcycle skills practice, to help them prepare for advanced IAM motorbike test.

I've written recently on the parallels between sport/leisure and discipleship, and in particular the process of how a group of volunteers passionate about motorbike riding, have helped 'disciple' me.

I have enjoyed the training, passing the test and am look forward to helping others develop their riding skills, but there is something palpable in this process that I 'sense' and savour.  How I get to pass on riding skills, that were passed on to me by others that they had received from others.

Sounds familiar...

BTW if you are in the UK and ride a motorbike, do try out the IAM Skills for Life course.  Join up and I'll take you our for an OR (observed ride) ;-)