My flight on the Space Shuttle #dmingml


I have a box at home, I call it my 'memory' box.  I keep various items in it, to remember events over the years.

One thing in it, is a news paper front page from April 14, 1981.  I was 12 years old, at high school and very excited at the idea of the Space Shuttle (I was into astronomy at the time and all thing Sci Fi).

I remember deciding to keep that newspaper front page, and looking at it as a 12 year old.  And here I am today, looking at the video of the last  Space Shuttle landing, 30 years later.
It's a strange feeling, a deep cognitive dissonance, travelling between that memory 12 years ago, with thoughts of the future seeming so far away, to arrive at my 42 year old self today.  

It's like part of me took off with the Space Shuttle Columbia when I was 12, took me into the future and has just landed after a 30 year journey.