Maggi Dawn's new book launched in London tonight #dmingml


Maggi Dawn's new book, The Accidental Pilgrim, is launched in London tonight.  You can  order it online here and kindle version here.

Some information by Maggi on her book:

Tonight my new book will be launched in London. All Hallows on the Wall. Do come along if you are free. 

It started life as a brief to write a "handbook to pilgrimage", but by the time I had done a bit of research on the subject, and then read through my journals, remembering all the pilgrim sites I have visited, it seemed to me I could write the book better as a kind of memoir. There are three big ideas in Christian thought about what pilgrimage is all about, so the book divides into three chapters. But in my case, my discovery of these three ways of being a pilgrim were all stumbled upon slightly by accident. So the book explores something of the history and theology of pilgrimage, but does so telling the story of how a real person in the twenty-first century can do more than read about pilgrims, but actually become one, despite the impossibility of being able to drop everything and walk to Jerusalem or Santiago. 

The first review has been written by a blogger who had ordered a copy and it arrived before publication date (once again demonstrating that this world of bloggers and tweeters has changed the rules of communications). Her review is up at Lay Anglicana.

Thank you for reading: a writer with no readers would have a lonely vocation indeed.