you really can put a price tag on everything according to the National Ecosystem Assessment...sigh #dmingml


A UK government Minister proudly trumpeting that the UK is the first government to put establish a 'true' cost on the value of nature.  It seems this 'true' cost has been done through establishing the financial benefits of nature, as part of our economic systems.  You can read about the report in the news here and see their research here.

At so many levels this makes my heart sink.  Is the economic value of nature really its 'true' value, and is economics still the only way we know how to make order a life together?  At least it puts nature into the financial matrix that is used for making decisions by our society.

The credit crunch seems to be driving us deeper into the marketisation of society, not pulling back from it's extremes.  What do you think, is this good, bad, or something else?