See agressive secularism in action in comments on BBC blog against Rowan Williams #dmingml


So Rowan Williams has guest edited the secular magazine, New Statesman this week.  He's taken our coalition government to task, and invited some interesting people to write essays, including the atheist author Phillip Pullman.

The BBC have picked this up on their front page.  The issues he raises are of interest, but so are the public comments by others.

Agressive secularism abounds, with claims that Williams should stick to religion and has no right to comment on political life.  So only secularists can comment on political life, religion must be consigned to the realm of the private with no connection to the real world?  

And what stands out most is the ignorant ad hominem arguments.  That Williams is attacked not on what he says, but that he has faith he is therefore some psychopathic lunatic again bared from comment on the real world.

Amazing how tolerant secularism is and willing to let others have a voice, as long as it's on their own terms :-) Thankfully some of the irony of secularist comments is revealed and taken to task by others in the comments.