My endorsement for The Great Tradition - A Great Labor: Studies in Ancient Future Faith #dmingml


Back in early summer 2009, I was invited along with Holly Rankin Zaher to compare and host a conference at the Anglican, Trinity Seminary in pennsylvania, USA.  It was a great event, and the main contributors presentations have now been edited into a book, The Great Tradition—A Great Labor.  One of the contributors is Dominic Erdozain, who is my PhD second supervisor, with a great piece titled, 'Emerging Church: a Victorian Prequel'.  You can download it here.

I was asked to write an endorsement for the book, which is below, that has appeared on the back cover to the book.  It seems that since writing my endorsement I have been relocated to be the pastor of another Vineyard Church, in Putney,London.  If only someone had told me ;-)

"Recently there has been an exciting 'ancient-future' resourcement of the larger church. This work explores the contours and nature of that movement, through a veritable cornucopia of essays, from evangelical, to pentecostal and emerging. This intricate mapping announces that the archives of the church are now open to all, whilst at the same time providing a much needed guide to the use of those resources for Christian formation."
—Jason Clark