Rob Bell: Going to hell in a hand basket? #dmingml


I didn't expect my posting of the EA response to Rob Bell to generate the discussion that it did, and questions.  Rather than respond to all the questions there, I'm going to make a new post week of 3rd April, looking at Universalism, Hell etc.

The post title will probably be 'Can we talk about Hell anymore?'.  One thing that seems to stand out is the almost knee jerk immediate pejorative where anyone who believes in Hell is labelled an exclusivist full of psychological malevolence, who needs others to go to Hell to feel good about their faith.

Can we talk about Hell anymore, without the ire of a pluralist liberal secular society descending upon us with political correctness?  

And as I've already mentioned I'm an 'inclusivist', so don't assume I'm advocating for Hell.  If you read the above and assumed I'm a hate filled hell mongering evangelical for asking this question, you probably just revealed the depths of the emotional antipathy towards this topic.

 And in case you missed it the FAQ from Mars Hill Church in Rob Bell's book is in this post and here.

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