Missional Ethics? 30th June to 2nd July Cambridge, UK #dmingml


I'm going to this 'Missional Ethics' event in Cambridge, at Tyndale House, and looking forward to it.

I'm excited about it for many reasons, amongst which are:  Christopher Wright is presenting, the topic itself is one I haven't seen anywhere before, the quality of the rest of the people presenting, and the intersections of the topics with my own work.

From the web site link advertising the event:

"Missional ethics" speaks of the missionary dimensions of the life of the people of God and the ethical features of mission. Because the connection between mission and ethics is fundamental for how we perceive our common life in the Spirit it has been less frequently overlooked by practising ministers than theologians. At this year's study group we will explore the dynamics of missional ethics in biblical and theological perspective, attending to foundational issues (e.g. Creation and Hope) as well as specific themes. As part of the programme, Chris Wright's Tyndale Lecture will explore the triangle of Trinity, Mission and Ethics. Do join us as we seek to advance understanding of this important theme along with its contemporary relevance.