I still abhor windows, even windows 7


So I venture back into the world of windows on my day off, and 7.5 hours later....

1. Install windows 7, reboot, too good to be true, nice and easy.
2. Install all the updates for windows 7, takes a long time, but all ok, reboot
3. Want to run a windows XP program that is so ancient (2008) that I need to install windows XP mode (at least that's what the nice man in the Microsoft training video tells me), reboot several time, crash reboot several times
4. Become expert in windows 7 online with online searches to discover that I need windows XP virtual mode, install, crash, instal, reboot repeat several times
5. Discover I need the windows XP mode 'non hardware virtualisation' update for the windows XP mode, install, reboot, crash, repeat
6. Run windows XP mode as it starts for first time and tells me it is setting itself up...wait as I literally grow older and age, watch it crash just before completing, again, and again and again...lose the will to live...another 2.5 hours now
7. Decide to start again...repeat for 2.5 hours....same result
8. Try a third time on another machine, process of elimination, 2.5 hours again...same result
9. Decide to ignore the Microsoft training videos and directions, figure it all out myself, and get things working in another hour.

Another day of my life donated to Microsoft....sigh.  My life used to be like this regularly with windows.  To all my friends who told me Windows 7 was better, you lied :-)