Brothers: the consolation of family


This photo was taken nearly 40 years ago, me on the left and my brother Matthew on the right.  I remember it like it was yesterday, a rare and happy childhood moment.

Most of my childhood was full of domestic violence and abuse, fuelled by alcohol.  And like that photo, although most of that experience is in my past, it flashes up in the present, as if it was yesterday.

Family hasn't really been a helpful factor in my life, until recently.  My brother Matthew with all his pain from our past, has been on his own roller coaster ride, and come out the other side.  One wonderful thing in the process is that we seem to have re-discovered each other, as brothers.

I've been having a new experience, the consolation of family.  Now I find my brother my close friend, someone I am proud of, look up to, and admire, turn to in a crises, and choose to spend time with.  Something many of my friends are used to with their family.

But it's a new blessing for me, at this time of life.  Long may it continue.

And as you can see, as brothers we have hardly changed in 40 years :-)