Bishop Nick Baines - Are Christians the new persecuted? #dmingml


Nick Baines is an Anglican Bishop, but you'd never know it.  I mean it that in a good way. 

The opposite of stereotypes of Anglican Bishops.  Grounded, thoughtful, reflective and with his sleeves rolled up.
The kind of Bishop that makes me think what a privilege it would be to work for him.

Nick Baines, has a great blog, and you can read his latest post about a TV and radio broadcast he made on the topic of whether Christians are the new persecuted in the UK.

It was so refreshing to hear Nick talk sense and make a call to the possibilities of the Christian faith in the UK.  In his own words:

"the point in the broadcast was to encourage Christians to stop seeing themselves as pathetic victims, recognise the amazing freedom we have in (and massive contribution we make to) British society both locally and nationally… and get out there more confidently with the unique gift of Christian faith, service and apologetics."

You can catch the broadcast at at the direct link here.  It's a great site with lots of other resources, including extra stuff from Nick Baines.