Are your social networks so busy that you miss the moments you want to share?


When you follow hundreds of people on Facebook and twitter, you can miss the connections that you want with the few people who are really your friends, and key connections.

I'm sure Facebook and Twitter will address this issues more, but meanwhile some are setting up alternatives with smaller social networks.  Path as an iPhone app is one example.

Ideas behind Path:

1.  Founder 'Dave Morin calculates five closest friends of relatives in the most intimate circle, fifteen or so who we have regular contact with, and around three times that in the boundary of who is truly trusted. That led him to put a limit of fifty to one's Path network'.  
2.  Daniel Kahneman's TED talk about how happiness comes from giving not taking, and Path seeks to facilitate a real 'sharing' of life network
3.  Images: and this sharing is based around photos, seeing though your friends eyes.

Immediate problems I can see are:

1.  Not all my friends have iPhones
2.  Starting a new social network is the last thing I need, and being on there on my own is not very social

Diaspora is another offering in response to these issues. Its open source, privacy aware in ways people are always asking for.  Yet the dominance of Facebook controlling our data seems set to remain.

How is your Facebook use changing?