England becoming a police state?

Interesting piece in the Guardian today about police tactics with regards to the growing student fees protests. Accusations of illegal 'kettling', of forcing demonstrators into pens, who have not made any signs of violence are being supported. Then there is the sheer size of the police turn out, that adds fuel to the fire of protest.

This picture above is unsettling to say the least. Our government seems to be spiralling out of control having underestimated the strength of feelings that making education cuts and tripling university fees would make.

And it seems Vince Cable the Lib Dem architect of the cuts and fee increases may abstain from the vote in the house of commons for the changes.

My daughter, due to apply to university in 12 months time, is planning to join the next day of student strikes and I will go with her. Sometimes civil resistance is called for, and I will be doing all I can to help bring about a parliamentary defeat on tuition fees.