Dads and sons: teaching my son to shave

One of the strangest feelings for me aged 41, is seeing my kids enter into experiences and stages of life, when it seems like only yesterday the took place for me.

Baptising my daughter aged 17, the same age I was when I became a Christian and got baptised. The immediacy of my baptism, that moment is so close, I can still close my eyes and remember it as if it was yesterday.

Then this last week my 15 year old son asked me to show him how to shave.  Poignant because again I remember my first foray with a razor at his age, and also that my dad wasn't around to help me with that.  In fact I used soap to shave and wondered why my skin dried up and cracked in the winter wind as I walked to school.  Again I can close my eyes and feel the cold air, and feel the rasp of my scarf on my newly shaved and tender skin 26 years ago.

I found this photo of me, aged 16, a little older than my son is now.  Not sure how much we look like each other.  

As you can see I haven't changed much and the wispy hair on my top lip betrays the early life of my shaving career.  And yes that is a stuff in my left ear.