Baptising my daughter - reflections


I remember holding my first child and daughter in my arms the day I took her home from hospital. It seems like yesterday, but was almost 17 years ago now.

I was so overwhelmed then with the possibility of who she might become,  and how she might grow into faith in Jesus, and my task as her Father.  And last night I got to hold her in my arms as I baptised her.  There can be no greater privilege for a father.  I have watched her grow into a strong, intelligent, and beautiful young woman.


Her faith is an encouragement to me.  Seeing her seek God with all her heart and how she has made our faith as family, her faith, warms my heart.  I love her smile, her mellifluous laugh, and dramatic moods :-)  


I’m sure I could have been better as a Father, and hope she will forgive me for where I have not been as I should. 


I became a Christian when I was a couple of months younger than she is now, and I was baptised close to my 17 birthday.  My baptism night remains one of my strongest memories, and most vivifying resources for my faith.  


Anna may your baptism be a melliferous remembrance all the rest of your days.  You are my pride, and my joy, and my inheritance in the Kingdom.


Daddy xxx