A choir as big as the internet? #dmingml

I wast listening to Classic FM radio the other evening with various pieces of music forming a gentle blanket for my mind whilst I was reading.  Then suddenly a piece that was playing swelled to consciousness.  Just I looked up from my book and began to form the words, my wife asked for me, 'what is that beautiful music?'.

It seems it was a piece by Eric Whitacre from his new album Light & Gold, that sits at the top of the classical music charts in the US and UK.  Not only does he look like Sawyer from Lost, being impossibly handsome, it seems he's impossibly talented as a composer.

What caught my attention most was the Virtual Choir project around his piece 'Lux Aurumque'.  Eric put a video on youtube of him conducting in silence and time to 'Luxe' and invited people around the world to record their harmonies and parts using youtube.  He then mixed 185 voices from 12 countries into the production of 'Luxe'.

I sat watching and listening to Luxe yesterday morning and found myself weeping quietly.  I have previously imagined that dying with The Lark Ascending playing would be the most amazing way to pass from this life.  Now I wonder if Luxe brings me closer to that experience and idea of transcendence.

What moved me most of all was how all these people had been brought from isolation into connection, into embodiment through a composers work, and their lone voices on the internet to be woven into something that conveyed the beauty of creation, that was now experienced by 'others'.

And within that I felt I had caught a glimpse of the body of Christ, through time, space, creation and eternity.