Trying out the 'i' newspaper from The Independent #THEi


So the 'i' newspaper, billed as the first 'quality' newspaper for 25 years in the UK was launched today. I managed to get the last copy in my local newsagents.

My initial impressions are that is The Independent Lite meets Social Media.  A stripped down version of a quality paper for people with attention spans of a gnat, who want to see Facebook and Twitter links on every page.  I felt like I had read a new blog site, with some good op ed designed by the daily mail.

I had thought it would be a 'quality' paper, but instead it was more a tabloid paper with some nods to good editorial, that overdosed on social media links.

Why on earth this newspaper wasn't launched as an iPad version, where the social media links made sense? Now that is something I would be interested in, and if it was cheaper the stupid price The Times is charging.