Thoughts on seeing Mumford & Sons this Friday #dmingml


I'm finally getting to see Mumford & Sons this friday night at the Hammersmith Apollo, and can't wait.

I've known Marcus for 22 years and my wife used to babysit for him before we were married.  I keep telling her that it's not cool to tell everyone that she used to change his nappy.

I must admit it has been increasingly strange to hear Marcus in the taxi on the way to the airport, or as the music playing over TV sports montages, during adverts, or in shopping centres.

When someone you know becomes famous, and others talk about them in that world of online TV and Media, they seem to be somehow the same but imbued with a great difference.

Marcus is no longer some friends kid that I might want to go out on a motorbike ride with, now he has a Triumph.  He is Marcus of Mumford & Sons, and I must admit if he does ever come out for a bike ride, I might ask him to sign my motorbike ;-)