The joy of learning

I've always loved learning.  Not for the sake of a qualification, but the joy in exploring, understanding and growth that learning brings.  

I'd rather be dead, than stop learning.  This quote from Socrates inculcates that desire every time I hear it, "The unexamined life is not worth living." (Apology 38a)

18 months ago, I sold my car and took to a scooter, ostensibly to save money.  Yet I was immediately gripped by the enjoyment of riding, the visceral interaction between practice and development, and the challenge of learning it involved. And 18 months later, I've passed my advanced test, and feel like I'm just beginning.  The attached photos show the various stages in my learning from scooter to my current bike.  

Learning has its own joyful outcome, of growth and well being, but the path to that is not effortless.  I thought about how the learning process for motorbiking, is like all life long learning processes.  See what you think.

1.  Be teachable:  I want to learn, and never saw the point in being proud of my ride.  Taking on the chin feedback that made a me a better rider was key to learning.
2.  Mentoring:  Having others give me feedback has been vital for me, learning from others better at what I am trying to learn.
3. Practice and Practice:  Getting out between my lessons to practice and work on things that needed work, seems obvious but so easy to avoid doing with life and work.
4.  Up and Down:  It really does go up and down, just let your progress happen, you can’t force it.  Get in the miles, and practice, and you will improve.
5.  Breakthroughs & Comfort Zones:  Trying to get my head around road positioning my instructor was something I found hard.  Until he took me pillion on a bike, laying it down on the pegs, as he showed me how to take a road position smoothly and at speed on some kent country roads.  It was the scariest thing ever, and at the same time, left me able to feel and know what a good road position was like.
6.  Beginnings: It really is a start.  Now I want to learn the advanced 'advanced' riding.
7.  Grateful:  My instructors gave their time at their costs to help me learn.  Because they love helping others learn.
8.  Give something back:   Learning is a chance to give something back and help others learn.  I'm enjoying helping my friends learn to ride the motorbikes.
9.  Safer & Fun: I feel in control of my bike, speed aware, and relaxed in a way I wasn’t before my training. I’m getting more and more out of my bike and riding than ever.