The book you have all been waiting for! 'Church in the Present Tense': Scot McKnight and Peter Rollins and Kevin J. Corcoran and Jason Clark #dmingml


I just heard that 'Church in the Present Tense: A Candid Look at What's Emerging: Scot McKnight and Peter Rollins and Kevin J. Corcoran and Jason Clark',  is being published February 2011.

Baker have details and prices on their web site here.  I'm aware of a few things as this goes to print:

1.  Luminaries: more people might read what I have written given the other authors in the book

2.  Dated:  I wrote these two chapter in late 2007, and wish I could re-write them with the work and research I have done since.  But I guess that's the nature of writing and being published.

3. Post-Emerging Church:  I think the emerging church has largely run it's course, in terms of interest and attraction.  But you'll need to read the book to find out more about that.

Some blurb for the book:

Much has been written by practitioners advocating the emerging church, but confusion about the nature and beliefs of those who identify with the phenomenon still exists. Now that the movement has aged somewhat, a more rigorous, scholarly analysis is needed. In this volume four influential authors, each an expert in his field, look at the emerging church through the lens of four areas where its postmodern sensibilities are readily on display--philosophy, theology, worship, and Bible and doctrine. This sympathetic yet critical assessment examines the roots of the movement and the impact that it has had and is having on wider traditions. The book includes a 60-minute companion DVD that provides a background introduction to the emerging church and video clips of alternative worship services. The DVD also contains interviews with emerging church leaders and observers including Brian McLaren and Rowan Williams.



 Introduction: The Emerging Church--Kevin Corcoran

Part 1: Philosophy

1. Who's Afraid of Philosophical Realism? Taking Emerging Christianity to Task--Kevin Corcoran

2. The Worldly Theology of Emerging Christianity--Peter Rollins

Part 2: Theology

3. Consumer Liturgies and Their Corrosive Effects on Christian Identity--Jason Clark

4. Thy Kingdom Come (on Earth): An Emerging Eschatology--Kevin Corcoran

Part 3: Worship

5. The Renewal of Liturgy in the Emerging Church--Jason Clark

6. Transformance Art: Reconfiguring the Social Self--Peter Rollins

Part 4: Bible and Doctrine

7. Scripture in the Emerging Movement--Scot McKnight

8. Atonement and Gospel--Scot McKnight