What is the Church? #dmingml


What is the Church?: Hebrew 10:19-25, podcast/audio from my teaching last sunday that tries to respond to that question is here.

Our church community is exploring the possibility of a major undertaking with a facility that we want to develop as a community centre, town hall, worship centre, arts centre, conference centre etc.  And our church community is located at a time and place when most people in the UK have little to do with Church, and when a large numbers of Christians think we don't need Church at all.  So why do we bother? 

Is there something about Church that we need and our community needs?  What is that? If we are going to undertake this next step as a Church community, we need to revisit this and be sure of what we are doing and why. 
I took the text of Hebrew 10:19-25 to start to explore that question, as we seek the welfare of our city/community (Jer 29).  Probably most most passionate plea and explanation of how I understand the nature and purpose of Church.