Some predictions for the Papal visit today #dmingml


So the Pope arrives into the UK today, and you can follow him through his social media site here.

Listening to our media build up to a secular frenzy of Papal and Catholic Church bashing, here are my predictions for some of his time here:

1.  Protests: There will be lots, most peaceful, but at least one turning ugly.
2.  Media: Our secular media will deride any message by the Pope who will be talking about how faith should not be suppressed and pushed into the private, as it currently is in the UK.
3.  Turnout 1: Our media seem to be so rubbing their hands in glee predicting no-one, including Catholics, wanting to see the Pope.  The desperation for religion to be irrelevant is their secularist revival wishful thinking.
4.  Richard Dawkins: Will say something inflammatory only a religious fundamentalist is capable of, and use this to promote his hate mongering and narrow mindedness.
5.  Turnout 2: The size of the turnout will surprise our media and most people.  I think with the credit crunch and a society questioning if there is more to life than holidays, houses and cars and pop idol/x factor, that the desperation of economic downturn will see lots of people drawn to the papal visit.
6.  Death of secularism: Something many know already, secularisation is a myth, in that religion is bigger than ever, and all of the above will show that and more in the coming days.