Social Media Boot Camp follow up and resources for download #dmingml


It's two weeks since our Social Media conference day.  It was packed/sold out, and our key presenters brought us some great input.

Links to grab the recordings and the slides from presenters are below.

Dave Merwin gave us an overview of social media tools in real world action, whilst Lee Goodger gave us a way to review who we are and how to produce a social media strategy for ourselves or organisations.

With the great questions from the floor and the interactions during breaks, the associated needs for people on related topics seems immense.  The ones I picked up on were:

1. Digital Divide: what we do with those excluded from the digital revolution
2. Basic training: an even lower level orientation and walkthrough for getting people set up with social media tools
3. Workflow skills: how do Church leaders manage their workflow with social media personally, without being held hostage by it
4. Social Justice: mobilising people around mission with social media
5. Discernment/Theology:  how does social media shape us, and change us. 

So many people asked what we'd be doing next and would we cover any of these topics.  I encouraged people to explore and make use of the events other people have around these, such as the CODEC events, and the EAs Digimission .  I also exhorted people to make use of social media around their needs themselves.  That Social Media has within it the possibility for people to explore all these topics with others, without someone organising a central event for them all.

We might follow up some of these ideas above, in particular the Workflow Skills issue for Church leaders.  The others are getting input over the coming few months from the organisations I just mentioned.

So the resources from Saturday 4th September are here, you are free to use them all or in part, we'd just ask that you refer that they came from me, with a link back to here: