It's not who we 'friend' but how we 'friend' them, and the implications for Church #dmingml

A great post by Dustin Steve, riffing of a Ted Video by Nicholas Christakis (above), that explores three key arguments Christakis advances:

* First, Christakis argues that one’s social network shapes one’s experience of the world.  To this end, he argues that it is not only who we befriend, but how we befriend them.  He speaks of the “nature of the ties” between people and references the different arrangement of carbon atoms to form either graphite or a diamond.

* Second, Christakis argues that Social networks are necessary for the spread of good and valuable things like love and ideas.

* Third, Christakis argues “what the world needs now” is more connections because “social networks are fundamentally related to goodness.”

You can catch the rest of the post and conversation here and the fascinating question from Dustin Steve, 'If it matters how we form our networks, then what is the impact of social networking via Facebook which fails to account well for how we are connected to our “friends”?  Facebook doesn’t consider our “place” in the network, it only connects us to, and inundates us with information from, more people than we’d naturally be connected to.'