Christian responses to the economic crisis - 8th October event


I just got this from the Augustine Institute, details of an interesting event 8th October in London.


Dear Friends,

The United Kingdom is facing an unparallel economic crisis. Christians who work in the City will welcome a forum to debate its long-term causes, particularly those beyond the purely financial and institutional.


Saint Augustine Institute

 believes that the source of our problems may be found in long-term social and cultural changes. In a series of discussions the ‘Economy Working Group’ of the Augustine Institute will discuss the origins of our economic crisis and the variety of Christian responses to it. The first of these events takes place on Friday 8th October 2010 at 3 pm.  


Through the City through Leviticus:  An exploration of Jubilee in an urban, post-modern, debt- driven, non-communal and never-resting world

 James is author of The White Swan Formula: Rebuilding Finance and Business for the Common Good, and a partner in Slaughter & May  

  Friday 8 October  3-5pm      St Margaret Lothbury London EC2R 7HH     Further details at the Saint Augustine Institute  

  If you would like to come please reply to this email. You are welcome to forward this email to anyone who may be interested in these events 

  Best wishes

  Douglas Knight