Brian McLaren makes a provocative proposal for post-conial theology #dmingml


 I'm a fan of Brian's and as ever this piece by him at the Emergent US site is provocative and stimulating. 

Brian argues that when we use modifiers in front of words, we leave the unmodified words privileged.  So instead of post-colonial theology how about talking about theology and putting modifiers in front of the theology we don'w want to privilege any more, i.e consumer/chauvinist theology etc.

An immediate issue and question is, how accurate is Brian in his understanding of theology and history?  And will he fall prey to the same mistakes with his new conceptions of theology, as the theology he is critiquing, by loading words with things that later we won't want?

He then suggests key ways theology has been colonial.  For anyone interested in anything missional it's a must read.