Apple 8 : Social Media and Social Action : 13th October, London #dmingml

The next Apple event from Vaux returns on Weds 13th October with Dr Luke Bretherton opening a discussion on 'Social Media and Social Action.' Luke is senior lecturer in Theology and Politics at Kings College, and the author of Christianity and Contemporary Politics. As Malcolm Gladwell has recently discussed in a brilliant piece in the New Yorker, the question of whether social networks can actually stimulate genuine activism and change is hugely important for our times, and far from simple.

Luke has written a short blurb to whet your appetites...

- Do social networking sites and the advent of internet-enabled social mobilization herald a new era in political action?

- Will information technology change the way we do off-line politics, or should we not believe the hype?

- Can real politics, which has always been about negotiating a common life, really be generated through systems of aggregating individual choices?

Exploring Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, the organisation of anarchist anti-globalization protests, electronic ‘town hall’ meetings, Tea Party activism, the 1979 Iranian Revolution and plans for the ‘Big Society,’ Apple 8 will provoke discussion and reflection on this little understood area of the relationship between technology and human life.
Where: The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road
When: 7:30pm Weds 13th October 2010
Cost: Free

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