Scott McKnight questions Brian McLaren: Conversations on Being a Heretic

[vimeo 14067745 w=400 h=225]<p>Q | Conversations on Being a Heretic from Q Ideas on Vimeo.</p>

What's to enjoy from this video and interaction between Scott McKnight and Brian McLaren?  Firstly some superb and probing questions, and secondly the spirit in which their exchange is made.

Text from the web site hosting the video bills the exchange as:

"It’s no secret. Some Christian leaders have been adamant, and others speculative, that Brian McLaren’s views are heretical. In this Q conversation, Scot McKnight will explore what all the outrage is about, asking Brian to clarify his views on matters consequential to theology and the church. Brian will have ample opportunity to respond to questions he’s never before answered as the two model civility in a discussion with serious implications."