More teens becoming 'fake' Christians?


I got sent this by a few people, and it's been picked up online in a lot of places.

I know it's a US survey, and mostly about the experience of young people in christian families in the US, but it has a lot in common with faith practices here.

Two areas the article picks out from research that have a connection in all western contexts:

1. Families: Unless parents are living 'radically', which the article suggests might be letting your kids see you not choose a job just because it pays the most money. Our western consumer dream is the 'vision and mission' for most Christians.

Great job, great house in a great location, and relationships that support 'me' in that is what life is often reduced to.  No wonder when Christian parents order life around that reality their kids do too. And Christianity becomes about therapy and support for that reality.

2. Church: Unsurprisingly and related, what are churches (traditional and emerging) modelling and ordering life around. A radical commitment to the Gospel or support for a way of life in consumer society. Families located in radical communities, helping each other live radically, is what we need.

And again that radical is so unglamorous, putting others first, placing our work and where we live in service of a life together for mission. Is our form of faith and mission, still all about us, our happiness, or the transformation of the world? What are our kids seeing our lives ordered around?