More details and last chance to book the Social Media Boot Camp, 4th September


Only a few days until our Social Media Boot Camp, Saturday 4th September, in London.  Registration is £10 and booking details are here.  Places are limited and filling up quickly.    

Designed as a practical 'how to' of understanding and using social media, for individuals and organisations, here is an agenda of what Dave Merwin of Pure Blue and Lee Goodger of Spook Media will be taking us through.

Morning with Dave Merwin

 * Personal Branding - Narrating your work: What is it?, How does it work?

* Examples From The Real World: Faith Autopsy, Hollywood Pastor, Jason Calacanis, Kevin Rose

* Case Study: Blogging, Twitter, Facebook in the real world

* Personas: Identifying Your Users, Writing a persona

* What the tools are: An exploration of social media tools, Google Analytics, and other Services

* Publishing content: Push To Services, Email publishing

* Budgets: If the tech exists... what do we do with our budgets? Building Apps

*  Managing expectations - baby steps (crawl, walk, run)

Afternoon with Lee Goodger

*  Listen to your audience (immediate and virtual)

*  Creating a digital ecosystem: Using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & YouTube

*  Setting objectives and a social media policy:  Setting the tone, Maintaining your presence

*  Crowdsourcing – what is it and how to use it

*  Managing your reputation online

*  The future of Social Media on/offline

*  Simple checklist and guiding principles 

The event is in partnership between George Fox Seminary, EA UK, London School of Theology, and the London Institute of Christianity.