How the internet is altering your mind


This Guardian article referenced the report released the other day about how Brits spend nearly 50% of their waking lives consuming media.

The article is based around the new book by Nicholas Carr, 'The Shallows: How the Internet is Changing the Way We Think, Read and Remember'.

Carr wrote the article 'Is google making us stupid?' that I discussed back in 2008, with links the a Mars Hill discussion about that work.

The Guardian highlights this qoute from Carr's new book:

"If, knowing what we know today about the brain's plasticity, you were to set out to invent a medium that would rewire our mental circuits as quickly and thoroughly as possible, you would probably end up designing something that looks and works a lot like the internet" and "We are welcoming the frenziedness into our souls"

To engage with social media without thought for what it does to us is to do so at our peril. This work highlights how we are literally 'shaped' at a neurological level by the patterns of our media consumption.