Embrace Life or Embrace Death

Named as one of the worlds best adverts, I've seen this video in a few motorbike magazines and my mate Tim Keel blogged about a few weeks ago.

It has moved and haunted me since I first saw it.  The ad brought to mind this article 'Change or Die' by Fast Company.  Fear of death does not motivate people with heart disease to eat better and exercise.  Human denial is too powerful.  

Instead, a 'joy of living' is needed to affect change in behaviours.  Being nagged to wear a seatbelt with images of becoming 'jam' spread on the tarmac doesn't inspire much change in behaviour.  But this advert, that frames, and re-imagines what a seat belt is, brings something far more powerful into your car.  

I must admit that every time I put on my seat belt, I now think about the arms of my wife and kids.  I always put on my seat belt before, but now my seatbelt is so much more than a seatbelt.

And yet this advert pulls no punches, it takes you into the horror and emotion of a family who might lose their loved one in a car crash.  And without words this advert brings the freedom of driving, into the connection of relationship and commitment to others, and the support they bring us.

And I'm still mulling over how this movie taps into something so much more than just seat-belts, but is a window into our movement through life. Of whether we embrace life with limits, of embracing restrictions for the benefit of others, and ultimately ourselves, or in our pursuit of freedom, embrace death instead.