Do holidays and vacations make you happier?


So I'm on holiday, wondering about the benefits of holidays/vacations, as a confessed workaholic, who is often glad to get back to work for a rest.

The New York Times carried this piece earlier this year about research that shows that is the anticipation of a holiday/vacation that we enjoy, but that time away makes little difference when we get back to life and work.

Now this is anecdotal, I don't have any stats for this, but when I was younger people seemed to go away once a year. It was all they could afford and travel options were few and far between, compared to today.  

Fast forward 30 years and living in London every weekend is a chance to 'get away' to so many locations, so easily.  I'd bet good money on the number of times people 'get away' has exploded to encompass the majority of weekend time for Londoners (at least the rump of middle class people).  So many of us seem to work in order to 'get away' at the weekends.  

An inference from this article is that to enjoy holidays we need to get away more, to enjoy the anticipation of 'getting away' without any benefit from getting away.  Are we now addicted to 'getting away' more unable than ever to live where we are and be invested in communities?