Can you help us discover and tell a bigger missional story? #dmingml


Our new Global Missional Leadership learning community that I am leading for George Fox Seminary, kicks off September 1st.

You can follow along online, or meet up with us in person, with all the reading, lectures/teaching and conversations from the programme being made available online.  You can help us discover and tell a big missional story.

*** If this new learning community grabs your attention and interest, please do help us spread the word through your Twitter, Facebook, and blog networks.  Do add the tag #dmingml to you posts/tweets so we can track them, thanks.

George Fox have invested heavily in some ground breaking social media technology, enabling content creators from all over the world to tell a bigger global missions story. I'll write more about this in a post later this week.

Some big headlines for this week:

1. is the site to visit and book mark, that pulls through all the blogs, Facebook, and Tweets that relate to the Global Missional Leadership community.

2.  Face 2 Face:  If you want to join us in person we are at these locations and dates, 2010.

1st SeptemberRippon College, Oxford.  
An afternoon with Martyn Percy at Rippon College.  Martyn will be talking about congregations and missions. Jim Belcher author of 'Deep Church', and Dr Michael Moynagh author of Emergingchurch.intro is also joining us for the afternoon.
To register for this event please email

Dr Cathy Ross who is moving from CMS to LST, will be with us talking about missiology from a woman's perspective.  Dr Caroline Ramsey, lecturer in business management at the Open University, will be talking with us about the nature of 'reflective practice' itself within leadership and mission.  And we have Antony Billington, head of faculty at the London Institute of Christianity, talking with us about cultural hermeneutics, and discipleship in a post-modern context.
To register for this event please email

3rd September: Ridley hall, Cambridge
We'll be meeting with David Male, to explore Fresh Expressions and mission, and with Dr Maggi Dawn, who will sharing about her new book.
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4th September:  London, UK
Social Media Boot Camp, hosted at London Institute of Christianity, in partnership with EA UK and, LST. The Social Media boot camp will explore, safely, personally and simply: What is Social Media, why is it here and why is it important; The main popular tools of Social Media including blogging, Facebook and Twitter; How you might better use Social Media for your own communication and life and How your organisations, church, and ministry might engage strategically and meaningfully with Social Media.

More details and registration for this event is here.

6th to 7th September:  Nuremberg and Erlangen, Germany.  
Meeting with Dr Peter Aschoff,and exploring mission, culture and church history.

So you are all welcome to join us at any of these venues to take part in the events scheduled.  Also around the events we'll be exploring the locations we are in. Making plenty of space and time to talk, eat and explore, to which all are welcome.