Bringing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube together to tell a bigger missional story with Taggregator #dmingml

Most learning environments use their own content management system (CMS).  A university might have something behind closed doors and a missional community might use Ning.

For the Global Missional Leadership Community (GML), we wanted to allow content creators to use their social media tools and not restrict people to a platform we choose.  Allowing a community to use their platforms of choice and with a tool that brings all those creative spaces together, is so innovative and exciting.

Dave Merwin has done just that with Taggregator and you can get a first look at it in action

So this allows our students to use Facebook, Posterous, Twitter to write and create content, and the brings all the content together.  And this content is all open to everyone.  So anyone wanting to follow along with the GML community can do so and take part by tagging their content with the #dmingml tag.

It's in it's first beta release and has a long way to go, but will go a long way.  I suspect this is something others are going to want to pick up on to enable communities to connect together around multiple social media platforms.

For example I want this for my church community.  We could set up and use the tag #vcs, and then any people in our church using Facebook, Posterous, Twitter etc could tag anything they create and it would pull through to our church Taggregator site.

If your interested do follow Dave Merwin as he develops Taggregator.