Are faith schools a menace?


So Richard Dawkins is at it again, in a TV programme last night, where he 'calls on us to reconsider the consequences of faith education, which, he argues, bamboozles parents and indoctrinates and divides children.'

And the result amongst many is:

1) He is as ever, unable to acknowledge his own 'faith' and desire to force all children to be educated within his belief system.
2) He is surprised that Church schools often have more muslims in them, and seems unwilling to explore the real content of religion.  Why do Muslims allow their kids to go to Church schools, if Church schools only exist to 'indoctrinate children'?
3) Seems unsurprisingly that the programme makers were not particularly interested in any real dialogue and shared understanding, cutting out parts that might lead away from the promulgation of the propaganda of Dawkins.  You can read the blog of Rev'd Janina Ainsworth, CofE Chief Education Officer, who took part in the programme, and her take on it.

You can watch the programme online here for the next 22 days.