Social Media Training events this Autumn in London



So this autumn there are some great social media training events that compliment each other greatly, all in London:
4th SeptemberSocial Media Boot Camp at LICC, that I have organised in partnership with EA UK, LICC and LST.  A days training from top coaches involved in social media.  A 'how to' for individual and organisations, to get up to speed with using social media and understanding it's possibilities for individuals and organisations.
16th OctoberTheological Refraction on the Internet – set up by CODEC as part of Premier Media’s Christian New Media Conference but aimed to bring together theologians and media theorists.  Other parts of the CNM Conference will speak to Christian Leaders and Tecchies.  This event is the reflective, 'what goes on within social media interns of identity and formation, and its relationship to theology.
30th November – The next Digi-Mission event by EA UK Slipstream.  I'm involved in the planning for this and will be taking part.  The theme is Social Media and Social Change.  How can churches engage in social media for change in their local communities.  Early days for info on this yet, but it will be at All Souls, Langham Place, London.