scared witless and smile a mile wide


I just got back from a motorbike race training day, with an old friend, at the Ron Haslem Race Track School at Silverstone.
My goal was to have fun, and not come off the bike.  Going down the back straight at 130-140 miles per hour was exhilarating.  But taking corners are 100 miles per hour was more so. Mission accomplished.
Aside from the fun, I went on the day to learn high speed cornering.  A police motorbike instructor suggested to me that learning to take corners safely and speed on a race track was one of the best ways to minimise the risk of an accident on public roads.
My instructor on my certificate and feedback commented that I was 'a typical road rider, no style...' :-)  He did then go onto give me some encouraging feedback ;-)
(photo: video is Ron Haslem doing the course, but with less style than me :-))