Emerging Church falling into same three traps of Evangelical Church?


Another great blogger to recommend to you, David Fitch.

David has a three part series, in which he explores how the Emerging Church 'must avoid three dangers, three traps if they (we) are to elude the traps that evangelicalism has itself already fallen into.  That’s when I came up with these three clumsy terms, de incarnationalize, de-eschatologize and de-ecclesiologize.'

His latest post explores the possible de-ecclesiologization in the work of Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost.

I've been long convinced and I'm exploring in my PhD research how Evangelicals have had too low a view of Church.  Emerging Ecclesiology continues an evangelical missional impetus, but perpetuates the problems of its de-priorisation of ecclesiology, and separation of Church from Mission.